Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Benny Powell, the trombonist who soloed on the Count Basie Orchestra hit "April In Paris," has died. (Initial tip via KCJazzLark.)

*KCJazzLark continues his exhaustive and incredibly depressing history of the Jazz District's museum complex here and here. The latter link includes details about the infamous acquisition of Charlie Parker's plastic sax.

*A Nebraska journalist's profile of guitarist Jerry Hahn is fascinating.

*Chicago saxophonist Fred Anderson has died. Here's a wonderful tribute.

*There's good news regarding one-time Kansas Citian Ronnell Bright.

*The Star caught up with Greg Carroll of the American Jazz Museum.

*Mark Lowrey plans to record a live solo piano album August 1 at Jardine's.

*The Star endorses public funding for historical renovations in the Jazz District.

*The Peachtree Restaurant has filed for bankrupcty. Longtime Plastic Sax readers will remember that the establishment left 18th & Vine in 2007.

*The Star offers a review and photos of Michael Buble's performance at the Sprint Center.

*Tony's Kansas City touts the work of Dave Stephens here and here. The blogger also extols the virtues of The Phoenix.

*Alaturka's debut CD will be available July 25. The band performs at Jardine's that evening.

*12th Street Jump features Luqman Hamza on July 3. KCUR began airing the weekly show in July of 2009.

*The owner of a new downtown establishment "hopes to offer live blues and jazz music by this fall," according to an item in Joyce Smith's column.

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)


Anonymous said...

Dont Forget the Prairie Village Jazz Fest! Its Free. September 11.

Happy In Bag said...

Hey, Anon. I saw a Twitter posting about an Eldar fundraising concert for the PV festival but there's no information at his site or at your site. Details please.

Anonymous said...

the kcjazzlark series is, indeed, exhaustive and sad. the realization that Count Basie Enterprises wanted to be here, then realized there was no consensus or support, was crushing. tho' it's all water under the bridge now, shame on our civic leaders for wasting the opportunity for all of those years.

with some exception, it seems KC is still doing that.

thanks happy for posting the links.

mike t.

Happy In Bag said...

It's less lonely around here since KCJazzLark entered the fray.