Thursday, June 24, 2010

Now's the Time: The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Ain't nothin' but a party. The Dirty Dozen Brass Band perform Friday at Crossroads KC. Although it's not representative of their work, I chose to feature this video because I know that several of Plastic Sax's 42 readers are marching band nerds aficionados. It's hard to believe that the New Orleans mainstays have been recording since 1984. Joe Klopus recommends several other forthcoming jazz-related shows in his weekly column. And don't forget about the Kansas City Jazz Calendar.


the unthinking lemming said...

*breaks out well worn sousaphone and starts honking second-line rhythms*

It is all about moving the feets.

Happy In Bag said...

"Feets don't fail me now!"

the unthinking lemming said...

I love a parade.