Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Confirmation: Weekly News and Notes

*Plastic Sax attended the memorable memorial service for Ed Fenner at the Gem Theater Monday night. A proper report is forthcoming.

*I updated the Plastic Sax jazz calendar. Note to clubs and musicians- while I encourage you to contact me directly, your first order of business should be to email your event schedule to the Jazz Ambassador's calendar site. Without Ed Fenner's contribution, you'll need to step up.

*Don't forget about Hawkfest in Topeka this weekend. Candace Evans has the rare and challenging honor of following the great Sam Rivers Saturday. Here's the festival's impressive schedule. And it's free!

*The Pitch investigated the mystery of Jazzbo.

*Makusa was profiled in UMKC's student paper.

*Plastic Sax enjoys scrolling through Downbeat's list of summer jazz festivals. Oh, to be a jetsetter...

*Clark Terry's site reports that the trumpeter returned home after a stint in a Kansas City hospital. (Tip via St. Louis Jazz Notes.)

*Marilyn Maye finally has a web site! Plastic Sax mocked the diva's lack of a web presence several months ago.

*I'm not big on Benedetti. But this scribe claims allegiance to the Charlie Parker solo recordings.

(Original image of Son Venezuela performing at Fiesta KC by Plastic Sax.)

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