Thursday, June 19, 2008

Now's the Time: Jazz In the Woods

It wasn't that long ago when Kansas City jazz artists like Vince Bilardo and Angela Hagenbach were the featured performers at Jazz In the Woods. Plastic Sax remembers the festival's humble origins in the parking lot that now serves diners at Garozzo's.

Everything changes... And the current setting is very lovely.

Ward Triplett has a nice preview of the 2008 edition of the annual event in today's Star. As with last week's Rhythm & Ribs post, I've linked to a video for each featured artist.

Friday, 5:30
It's no secret that I adore Erin Bode. That's the St. Louis crossover artist's video above. Her 2006 gig at Jazz In the Woods was a stunner.

Friday, 7:15
Greg Adams' EPK (electronics press kit) manages to amuse.

Friday, 9:00
Kim Wilson stills fronts the band, but otherwise the version of the Fabulous Thunderbirds getting dirty on "Tuff Enuff" in this video is not the same one performing Saturday.

Saturday, 5:30
A Kansas City jazz artist is on the bill! And an excellent one at that. Let's hope that Megan Birdsall commands a more attentive audience than the awful crowd in this video.

Saturday, 7:15
The sound is a little thin on this Grady Nichols video, but you get the idea.

Saturday, 9:00
The Average White Band introduced a wee Plastic Sax to James Brown's sound with '70s hits "Cut the Cake" and "Pick Up the Pieces." This video is an accurate depiction of what they'll look and sound like Saturday.

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