Friday, September 10, 2010

Now's the Time: Karrin Allyson

It's been several years since I last saw Karrin Allyson perform at a free outdoor festival in Johnson County. I still remember her fearsome scowl as she reacted to audience indifference at the Corporate Woods Jazz Festival. Although I'll hope for the best, I can't imagine the environment will be much different Saturday when she appears at the Prairie Village Jazz Festival. As an Allyson admirer and as a music lover who also despises rude audience behavior, I'm sympathetic. In addition to Saturday's gig, Allyson will perform at the Topeka Jazz Workshop on September 19 and at The Folly Theater in May of 2011.


bgo said...

Karrin must know by now that her paycheck this weekend brings with a caveat probably not to her liking. She should STFU and be professional. Like I expect citizens of PVKS to understand context versus a good time with neighbors??? That's why I'll be on the bushwhacking side of the state all weekend listening elsewhere.

Alex said...

Impressive, following :)