Friday, January 28, 2011

Tony DiPardo, 1912-2011

Longtime bandleader and Kansas City icon Tony DiPardo died yesterday. He was 98. One of DiPardo's few recordings is this unfortunate collaboration with Marilyn Maye. "A Chief is the bravest of all!"


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with this collaboration whatsoever.
Marilyn sings great and in tune as she always does. The Band is tight. The arrangement is harmonically astute. The mix is excellent. What is your complaint?

Dean Minderman said...

Reading the linked obit, Mr. DiPardo sounds like he was quite a character, and one who was fortunate to live a long and interesting life doing things he enjoyed. We should all be so lucky!

Anonymous said...

The recording by TD and MM is a little cheesy I guess. No different than the Peoples Liberation band.It's all good.