Friday, February 11, 2011

Now's the Time: Ellis Marsalis

One of the most intriguing revelations contained in Joe Klopus' preview of Ellis Marsalis' Friday, February 11, concert at the Folly Theater is that Jason Marsalis would be part of his father's band. The young vibraphonist is perhaps best known for his infamous comments about "Jazz Nerds International." I trust his solos in Kansas City won't be "boring and uninteresting."


bgo said...

Are you a card carrying member of JNI? ;)

Jason opened one hell of a can of worms so that scores of youngsters could espouse numerous drivels in the comments section. I was throughly entertained. I surprised some brought race up when Jason never mentioned it. Al Hirt gave his brother his first trumpet. I do likes my jazz abstract at times and think the concept of 'H' chords is pretty hip. Maybe I should join JNI but I think I'd get booted for being an eternal fan of Blind Willie Dunn and Lonnie Johnson.

Happy In Bag said...

I am, in fact, a proud member of JNI.

Jason surely wasn't surprised, consequently, that I failed to do my homework. In my eagerness to get snarky, I'd forgotten that Jason was a member of Los Hombres Calientes. Man, that was a great forward-thinking band!

And he's best known as a drummer. I'm told that's what he played Friday night.

Anonymous said...

Jason hit the nail on the head. It takes an incredible amount of intellect and discipline to play the music Jason talks about.

As an avant garde musician myself most of the musicians I hang with could not carve a set of chord changes or anything technically difficult. Not all of them are like that but the vast majority of them are.

Playing in an avant garde setting does too but not in comparison. Most of my avant garde friends thing that good hygiene is overrated. Actually it is underrated.