Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*The Kansas City Business Journal reports that a new "120-seat club will focus on jazz music and rum-based drinks" and is slated for an August opening in the Power & Light District.  Joyce Smith offers additional details about the Kill Devil Club.

*The Folly Theater has announced an outstanding lineup for the 2012-13 Folly Jazz Series.  Pat Metheny's Unity Band will appear in a non-series concert at the Folly on September 6.  Joe Klopus applauds the bookings.

*Broken Waltz, the latest release by Matt Otto, is now available.

*David Hudnall enjoyed celebrating Juneteenth in the Jazz District.

*KCJazzLark dissects the strategy behind the 2012 edition of the Rhythm & Ribs Jazz & Blues Festival.

*Beau Bledsoe, Shay Estes and Jordan Shipley have formed Fado Novato.  The trio's commitment to the Portuguese style is on display here.

*Another update on the lack of activity at the former location of Jardine's is filed by Hearne Christopher.

*A story about the redesign for the space formerly occupied by sometime jazz venue The Marquee makes no mention of plans for live music.

*Emanuel Cleaver submitted recognition of the Mutual Musicians Foundation into the Congressional record.

*Janelle Monae's headlining turn at the Ottawa Jazz Festival is praised.

*Tweet o' the Week: theprojecth- Happy to say that we will be playing the MLB fanfest. Monday, July 9 at 1pm at Bartle Hall. The snowball keeps getting bigger!

*Comment o' the Week: Michael ShultsThanks for the post and the kind of words, Happy. Much-appreciated. That was a really fun night playing music with some of my favorite people in the world. One small note: it is not captured on the video but the audience that night was well upwards of 50, in a room about the size of Take Five. The median age was probably 25. Not a rock audience, no, but for a Wednesday night at a coffee shop, not bad! If you catch the last 20 seconds or so of the video of "REL" from the same night posted on youtube, you'll hear proof from the crowd reactions that it is possible to play live jazz and have it resonate with young people. It's difficult, yes, and hard to sustain on a regular basis, but I do think if you work really hard at promoting, play original music, and have a good band, there's hope.

*From Tim Whitmer- The year's July Jazz Jam follows up on the standing-room-only inaugural concert in 2011. The acclaimed concert event will be Sunday, July 29 from 7 to 8:30 p.m...  Featured headliners of the concert will be a trio of celebrated All-Star Keyboard Kings: Tim Whitmer, Everette DeVan and Joe Cartwright. Also returning this year is the highly acclaimed July Jazz Jam House band, which includes saxophonist Jim Mair, bassist James Albright and drummer Jurge Welge...  The July Jazz Jam is at Community Christian Church...  Tickets are on sale now: $10 in advance... $15 at the door...

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)


Anonymous said...

Wow - looks like the best Folly line up in years!

Senor Mouse said...

Great Folly line up!!! Lets hope that all the musicians out there pony up some cash and buy tickets.

The people that comment on this blog (don't make me name names) are very critical about anything "inside" and anything to do with "standards". Let get off our butts and sell these "shows" out.

I'm afraid we'll have a low turn out for these Folly concerts because the people that love these musicians can't afford to go or won't take the night off and support the series.

I noticed, no jazz talk before Kenny Garrett. That really sucks!
Although, pretty typical.

Matt Leifer said...

Great series. Great lineup.

I'm looking forward to these, but I'll be damned if I'm going to turn down work of my own to go spend money to watch someone else who HAS a job that night. C'mon. I want to support, but that's not a fair standard.

Rick in PV said...

Kill Devil Club sounds like the best idea Cordish has had for Power and Light. I hope it turns out cool and, if so, that folks support it.