Friday, June 29, 2012

Now's the Time: Quasimodo

The grand (re)opening of the retooled Quasimodo takes place this weekend.  The new promotional video for the southern Johnson County establishment serves as a microcosm of the actual status jazz holds in the community.  Of the 21 acts booked on its July calendar, there's one true jazz group (Chris Hazelton's organ trio) and a fine jump blues act (Grand Marquis).  Otherwise, there's an assortment of post-Stevie Ray Vaughan blues acts, dance-oriented blues ensembles and classic rock cover bands.  In its previous incarnation, the venue booked a higher ratio of jazz musicians.  I doubt that Quasimodo's management holds an institutional bias against jazz.  They probably found that the non-jazz acts simply attract larger crowds that spend more money.  Please- tell me I'm wrong.


captainunderpants said...

People would always rather hear a crappy version of a Sublime song than watch a bunch of guys try and look really serious while playing "All the Things You Are" for way too long.

Anonymous said...

^ That's a stereotype. Of course it's for a reason, there's plenty of that happening. There are, though, hungry, young, original jazz musicians playing in this town who are trying to change that bullshit status quo.

It seems to me like people think it's somehow fashionable to regurgitate that tired opinion above, without peeking their head out to hear otherwise. There is jazz out there that would satisfy people, but by claiming otherwise you sound sooooo hip.

"I'm in the know, I have good taste, and I like music played from the heart, not the brain." No shit, everyone does...but the best music is both. Get a grip and stop perpetuating a stereotype that is KEEPING you from hearing what you might be looking for.

Anonymous said...

It was a blues bar before which occasionally booked one of Stan Kessler's groups. Is it booking mostly blues now? Then nothing's changed.

Nigel said...

Any schooled musician never gets tired of playing All the Things You Are....not Keith, Dave Holland, Metheny, Wynton, Bobby, Vijay, Mehldau, Ravi and Wallace etc.

Anybody who is critical of playing ATTYA is obviously a hack. Don't criticize it unless you can carve it. Instead of posting idiotic comments, get your chops together.


Anonymous said...

Well put Nigel. Bird and Diz didn't have any problems with ATTYA. 'Nuff said!!