Friday, January 10, 2014

Now's the Time: The Paul Shinn Trio

The production values of the embedded 57-minute video are outstanding.  The performance by pianist Paul Shinn, bassist Dominique Sanders and drummer Ryan Lee is similarly extraordinary.   Plastic Sax reviewed Reason Pure, the 2013 album by the Paul Shinn Trio, last August.  The ensemble's three-night residency at the Green Lady Lounge began on Thursday, January 9 and concludes on Saturday, January 11.  The trio appears at Take Five Coffee + Bar on Sunday, January 12.


Cb said...

I agree, HIB. The video work is top-shelf ...

Is this SOP for the venue or was that done special by this group in order to produce the video, etc.?

I also like the aesthetic of the multi-cameras and the announcer bringing focus to the music, treating the gig like "an event of musical importance".

Every venue in KC could learn from this approach.

Peace, Cb

Dominique said...

It was just something that we did one night. Special occasion.