Sunday, July 24, 2016

Album Review: Victor & Penny- Electricity

Erin McGrane was one of the most engaging performers in Kansas City as a member of Alacartoona during the previous decade.  Equal parts Cyd Charisse and Eartha Kitt, McGrane played the role of a riveting femme fatale. 

She's assumed an entirely different persona as half of the “antique pop” duo Victor & Penny.  The recent release Electricity is by far and away the duo’s best release.

As I suggested in a review of the 2015 album Live at the Living Room Theatre, the bygone premise of Victor & Penny would be intolerably precious if not for the outstanding musicianship of the ensemble. 

Jeff Freling, the other half of the duo, plays guitar like Eddie Van Halen on a Django Reinhardt bender.  The supporting Loose Change Orchestra- James Isaac, Rick Willoughby and Kyle Dahlquist- adds complementary spice.

Electricity indicates that Victor & Penny can hold its own with like-minded acts that have achieved international renown including the Hot Sardines and the Hot Club of Cowtown.

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)

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