Sunday, November 12, 2017

Concert Review: Victor Wooten at the Madrid Theatre

Near the end of his two-hour concert for the approximately 270 men and 30 women who had purchased $30 tickets to hear him at the Madrid Theatre on Tuesday, Victor Wooten pondered the healing power of music: “Who’s working on the bomb that makes people love each other?  We already have it.  I call it a 'cupid bomb.'”

Wooten’s weapons of mass affection came in two forms.  When he locked into James Brown-inspired grooves with saxophonist Bob Franceschini and drummer Dennis Chambers, selflessly jubilant funk permeated the room.  Wooten also indulged fans on hand to witness the many astounding ways in which he’s expanding the possibilities of the electric bass.

During an extended unaccompanied exercise in looping, Wooten evoked the contemplative approach of his fellow bass master Eberhard Weber.  A few additional tricks involved considerably less subtlety, but Wooten’s engaging smile made even his most egregious showboating palatable.  Wooten opened the concert by joking that “my name is Stanley Clarke.”  Although he referenced Clarke’s 1976 hit “School Days” later in the show, Wooten demonstrated that he’s his own man.

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)

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