Sunday, March 4, 2018

Tuned In and Turned On

I quit playing the online trivia contest HQ.  Rarely making it past the seventh round frustrated me.  I’ve switched to a more gratifying game.  When I tune in to Green Lady Radio through my computer or phone, I attempt to identify each artist before checking the screen.  I win even when I guess incorrectly.

The playlist of Green Lady Radio reflects the mainstream sound that dominates Kansas City’s jazz scene as it mirrors the music that’s performed at Green Lady Lounge and Black Dolphin.  The free streaming service is uncomplicated.  There’s no skipping or fast-forwarding options.  Every listener experiences the same music at the same time.

Hearing tracks outside of the album context leads to revelations.  I’ve gained new appreciation for Paul Shinn’s compositional craftsmanship, Clint Ashlock’s clarion trumpet work and Chris Burnett’s tart tone.  A certain pianist pops up so frequently that the service could be dubbed Roger Wilder radio.

As at Black Dolphin and Green Lady Lounge, there’s little room for avant-garde freak-outs or noisy experiments.  Matt Otto and Steve Cardenas are responsible for Green Lady Radio’s wooliest moments.  While HQ bestows cash prizes to winners, Green Lady Radio doesn’t offer a financial incentive.  Listening is its own reward.

(Screenshot of Green Lady Radio's mobile app by Plastic Sax.)

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, Otto and Cardenas are the only musicians known internationally......