Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Confirmation: Weekly News and Notes

*A local artist made an excellent video that captures the spirit of the American Jazz Museum's "Street Festival" last weekend. It's above. Even though I stood right next to this guy a couple times, I don't make any accidental cameo appearances. His editing skills are commendable. Note that the R&B cover band he identifies as Event is actually Karma.

*Here's the Star's review of the event.

*The Star's Steve Penn addresses progress at 18th & Vine. He touches on related subjects here. Blogger impresario Tony is not a fan.

*The politics of jazz in Kansas City can be unpleasant.

*Joe Klopus considers the American Jazz Museum's future. He quotes museum director Gregory Carroll, who also offers his perspective here.

*I'd like to know more about this Jay McShann film project.

* offers a Snuff Jazz podcast.

*The Boulevard Big Band has a new release.

*Guitarist Danny Embrey gets a little attention here.

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