Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Confirmation: Weekly News and Notes

*The Pitch's music blog notes that the shuttered Phoenix jazz club may become a donut shop.

*The Star paints a gloomy picture of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. It's the comparatively popular companion of the American Jazz Museum. The museums' neighborhood is disparaged by a few Kansas Citians here.

*How can we miss Lee Ingalls if he won't go away? He interviewed Charles Gatschet for KCUR. The Kansas City jazz guitarist talks about Antonio Carlos Jobim, his fondness for melody and the color of Cindy Sheehan's hair. What?

*Joe Klopus provides an appreciation of the ongoing career of Michael Carvin.

*According to the internet, Marilyn Maye hardly exists. The Star makes reference to Maye's supposed 76 appearances on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. So how is it possible that not a single clip is posted at YouTube? I demand a recount. The Kansas City favorite began an extended run at Quality Hill Playhouse yesterday.

*How dare a jazz blogger mock Pat Metheny's hair!

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)


Pamela Espeland said...

I wasn't mocking Metheny's hair, merely bemoaning it. Or perhaps marveling at it? Joey's T-shirts are worse.

Happy In Bag said...

Ha ha. Just kidding around, Pamela. Thanks for checking in.