Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eldar: Now's the Time

Eldar's rapid progression from tradition-leaning tot to noisy progressive is astounding. The clips from his forthcoming album streaming at MySpace indicate that he's continuing to drift outward. I obviously didn't select this static video for its visual components. It features Eldar's trio kicking up a ruckus just five months ago. The pianist appears with the same group- bassist Jose Armando Gola and drummer Ludwig Alfonso- at Jardine's Friday and Saturday. It's going to be good.


WLIB said...

Talk about your embarrassment of riches. A KC jazz fan could theoretically catch Eldar and Pancho Sanchez on the same night this weekend. So I assume you're headed off to review a hip hop show?

Happy In Bag said...

Thanks for asking, Lee! It's positively Chicago-esque down here.

Tonight's choices include Fleetwood Mac, George Clinton, Eldar, Martin Hayes/Dennis Cahill, Asobi Seksu, Rob Scheps and Snuff Jazz. Unless I'm told otherwise, I intend to catch cumbia star Fito Olivares at Fiesta KC.

I'm planning on wheeling my Saturday night around Eldar.