Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*An examination of the life of John Baker in the Columbus Dispatch is essential reading for anyone interested in the man behind the new film exhibit at the American Jazz Museum.

*DoKC posted a video interview with the American Jazz Musuem's Greg Carroll. Nicely done!

*Road rage may have been responsible for the recent murder in the jazz district. (Tip via TKC.)

*An editorial lambasting the jazz district is rather unsettling. And what's with its title?

*Tony's Kansas City documents the Sunday night scene at Jardine's with Dave Stephens. Hearne Christopher reports on additional Stephens-related shenanigans.

*Need a laugh? Jazz pianist Michael Martin cold-calls wildly inappropriate forums in a wacky attempt to secure a gig. His effort is most amusing.

*Hermon Mehari of Diverse was interviewed by two radio stations.

*I recently downloaded a February performance at the Record Bar by Brandon Draper. It's available at the Live Music Archive here.

*Sonny Rollins performed Saturday in St. Louis. Here's a review. (Link found via St. Louis Jazz.)

*Plastic Sax ranks #72 on an list of 102 jazz blogs. Fail! (Link via AZ.)

(Original image of wilted "Bird Lives" wreath by Plastic Sax.)

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