Thursday, September 3, 2009

Now's the Time: Lynn Zimmer

When I finally made it out to Leawood's Gaslight Grill a couple days ago, I told the host of the sprawling restaurant that I hadn't come to dine. I just wanted to hear Lynn Zimmer and his band. He managed to suppress his skepticism long enough to lead me to the "Back Room." As there's no bar in the formal dining section, a table was cleared for me. A small dance floor is situated next to the band, but it was obvious that no one was going be dancing. Aside from a patron's grandchildren, I was the youngest person in the room. It's not that the music was bad. As seen here, Zimmer is an outstanding clarinetist. His traditional, Dixieland-based sound is a little dry, but I truly enjoyed it. Zimmer's band plays at the Gaslight Grill Wednesday through Sunday.

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