Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Angela Hagenbach chats with Joe Klopus about her new album.

*KCJazzLark published a scathing editorial titled "Fairness Folly". His stern lecture makes Plastic Sax seem like a comparative pushover.

*James Hart notes the 29th anniversary of the murder of jazz musician Steve Harvey.

*Jason Harper begins a blindfold test on Pandora's Nolan Gasser with vintage Jay McShann.

*Kansas City is represented several times on The Telegraph's new list of the 100 Best Jazz Recordings.

*Sue Vicory has amassed quite a collection of recent and vintage photos of Kansas City jazz and blues musicians at the Facebook account for her forthcoming documentary.

*Steve Penn notes that Lonnie McFadden is in a film project.

*The Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival hits Sedalia, Missouri, June 2-6, 2010.

*I'm loving my Kansas City Jazz Twitter feed. For those who prefer a version that doesn't include Miles Bonny's incessant stream-of-consciousness postings, I recommend KC Jazz Lark's KC Jazz list.

(Original image of sign outside the Drum Room by Plastic Sax. Too bad their online calendar stops at October 31.)

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Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with KC Jazz Larks analysis. Not harsh either. Its the truth. Its time to stop sugar coating things. Political correctness is wrong. I think as a nation we are beyond that.