Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*The trip Bobby Watson and his UMKC students are taking to Japan is detailed by Steve Penn.

*Greg Carroll of the American Jazz Museum discusses his career path in a lively video profile.

*Steve Penn cites the official head count for the Rhythm & Ribs festival. (The "paid attendance" was 4,000.)

*Sue Vicory and her film are praised by KCJazzLark.

*Megan Birdsall alludes to her plan to travel to Europe with Hermon Mehari.

*Nightclub owner Bobby Dobson has died.

*Bill Blankenship previews a Topeka performance by Grant Geissman and Jerry Hahn.

*Pianist and composer Michael Pagan has released two albums in 2010. His Three For the Ages album was reviewed by an Italian critic. The second title, 12 Preludes & Fugues, received a thoughtful analysis here.

*An interesting post at the site of the Black House Improvisors' Collective touches on naming compositions, Dave Douglas' recent concert at the Blue Room and the politics of jazz programming.

*Jordan Shipley has a "case of the Mondays".

*Alice Thorson examines the "Evolution of Jazz" art exhibit.

*Tweet o' the week: 12THSTREETPETE: The salute to Dizzy went well. Thanks Cal, KB, and Jenn for being part of such an A+ night. I get rewarded now with football and laziness.

*Black Friday, an event billed as "The History of Jazz Meets Hip Hop," takes place November 26 at Crosstown Station. Featured jazz performers include Hermon Mehari, Mark Lowrey and Logan Richardson.

*From the city of Leavenworth: Jazz at the Hollywood Theater is a concert series that was developed to present performances in the community by world class talent that is based in the Kansas City metro area. The concerts are recorded for broadcast by Kansas Public Radio. This year's event, held on Nov. 13 at 8 p.m., will feature the Sons of Brasil and the Roger Wilder Quartet and proceeds will go to benefit the Parks and Recreation Department.

*The Marquee, a new venue at the AMC Theater at 1400 Main, occasionally features live jazz. Its sales manager sent me her club's live music listing: Oct 20- Mark Lowrey and Shay Estes 7-10pm; Oct 22- Crosscurrent- 7-10pm; Oct 23- TBA 9p-12a; Oct 27- Mark Lowrey and Shay Estes 7-10pm; Oct 29- Retro Inferno 7-10pm; Oct 30- TBA 9p-12a. The jazz acts are listed on the Kansas City Jazz Calendar.

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you found video of Miss Pearl!

Happy In Bag said...

Me too, Anon. I saw a guy filming her Monday, but he has yet to upload the footage. It's one of life's biggest mysteries- what becomes of all the performance video taken of KC jazz musicians?