Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Joe Klopus reports that Lonnie McFadden has released a new album.

*Delfeayo Marsalis' appearance at the Blue Room was reviewed by The Kansas City Star.

*Here's a 30-second radio spot for the upcoming Rhythm & Ribs Festival.

*Music recorded at a recent performance by the Black House Improvisors' Collective is available at its site.

*KCJazzLark shares additional photos from the Prairie Village Jazz Festival.

*I asked Hermon Mehari about "Full Circle," a track from the forthcoming Diverse album that's also available on the free 41-track Midwestern Audio compilation.  He told me that it's "(i)nspired musically by me playing in more gospel music situations and conceptually by the general idea of many things in life seeming to come 'full circle' if we look at these ideas and situations in the right away."

*Joyce Smith reports on the food and drink menu of the Kill Devil Club.

*Weedstock, the successor to Jazz In the Weeds, takes place on October 6.  The music of each of the participating acts- Mistura Fina, Passport, Black Tie Billie and the Blues Notions- includes elements of jazz.

*Marc Myers admires two obscure Frank Foster albums.

*The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame in Tulsa is in financial jeopardy.

*Comment o' the Week: Dr. John- Wynton, Branford you guys sound like your much less successful brother - Delfeayo, for real. - You keep proselytizing to the masses who by and large do not care for your obsolete takes on "What Music is", "What Jazz is." Please try and keep on topic. I think the review was spot on. Yes there are some intonation problems but the record does capture the extreme energy of a HOD performance and is an accurate portrayal of what the band is all about. There are some killin' moments on this disc, most have to do with a very talented rhythm section that is only gong to get better.

*Tweet o' the Week: CharleyinKC- I just had a drink at the Kill Devil Club in P&L. I think they're still trying to figure themelves out, but when they do it could be cool.

*From Rob Scheps: Saxophonist Rob Scheps returns to Kansas City, and Kansas in general from New York City for a tour with longtime colleague, world renowned jazz trumpeter Shunzo Ohno…  Ohno comes to us DIRECT from Tokyo, Japan…  The Tour...
*Fri. Oct. 12  Rob Scheps + Ron Carlson Trio- Lucky Brewgrille
*Sat. Oct. 13  Rob Scheps with Joe Cartwright Trio- KCUR- FM
*Wed. Oct. 17 Rob Scheps, Shunzo Ohno with Faculty Jazz Ensemble- Ottawa University
*Thurs. Oct. 18 Rob Scheps/ Shunzo Ohno Quintet with Roger Wilder, Bob Bowman, Ryan Lee- Take Five Coffee Bar
*Fri. Oct. 19 Rob Scheps, Shunzo Ohno + Ron Carlson Trio- Lucky Brewgrille
*Thurs. Oct. 25 Rob Scheps, Shunzo Ohno + Ron Carlson Trio- West Chase Grille
*Fri. Oct. 26 Rob Scheps, Shunzo Ohno + Ron Carlson Trio- Lucky Brewgrille
*Sat. Oct. 27 The Rob Scheps / Shunzo Ohno Quintet with Roger Wilder, Bob Bowman, Brian Steever- The Blue Room

(Original image taken at the Blue Room on September 21 by Plastic Sax.  From left to right- Richard Johnson, Jeremy Boettcher, Delfeayo Marsalis, Sean Jones and Bobby Watson.)

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