Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Lucas Homer lists the Top 5 KC Jazz Acts.  His KC Jazz Connection program on KJHK is profiled by

*Megan Birdsall is admired by KCJazzLark.

*Several jazz musicians make cameo appearances in the video of Making Movies' "Hangover Blues".

*The program for Saturday's Rhythm & Ribs Jazz & Blues Festival is available as a download here.

*The University of Missouri Concert Jazz Band has released a new album.  (Via KC Stage Blog.)

*Esperanza Spalding's concert at Helzberg Hall was reviewed by The Kansas City Star.

*Kristin Shafel Omiccioli reviewed the recent concert by Gary Burton, Chick Corea and the Harlem String Quartet at the Gem Theater.

*Here's footage of former Kansas Citian Lee Ingalls crooning "Come Dance With Me."

*Tweet o' the Week: Kassie Sands- The lovely Esperanza Spalding and her big ol' bass.  Can't believe I'd never heard her music until today. Instagram.

*Comment o' the Week: Anonymous- "The first thing that impressed me... was the volume."  Yes, because that's exactly what jazz needs. Something to cover up the subtlety of our dynamics and phrasing. Nothing like having your whole career limited to how loud, fast and high you can play!

*Via Facebook: Performing at the Mutual Musician's Foundation in conjunction with their Youth Education Program to expose people of ages (15-28) of the relevance of Jazz music in our mainstream society and in their local community. Concert Series will Kickoff with: Shades of Jade!…Question and answer session during one of the set breaks…  This will be one of the highlights of Kansas City's Jazz Scene this year. Tickets are $5.

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)


Cyril Brown said...

Nice to see the MMF justifying its Cleaver earmark money with a Youth Education program which for all intents and purposes is a smoke and mirrors initiative. Just like when Ray Reed (God rest his soul) had a MMF renewing membership drive which was also a smoke and mirrors initiative. A play right out of the Greg Carrol playbook.....and everybody in and out of the know knows it.

Some others are actually working their butts off RAISING money and accountable to people.
What a joke.

BTW, everybody should revisit the David Martin article in the Pitch published on February 4, 2010

Anonymous said...

Actually the jazz group: Shades of Jade is completely in charge and hosting this event and is really only using the Foundation as an event space. The purpose of this series is not actually to make money or swindle from the Mutual Musicians Foundation, but to expose the youth of KC that the "old school" connotation of the music does not have to apply to the word "JAZZ" and that the word is more current than most people think. Everything is not always about money, education is more valuable. If Cyril Brown or anyone else that finds this event skeptical and wants more information, please message the band on Facebook here: and I personally promise they will get back to your questions as soon as possible.