Thursday, February 14, 2013

Now's the Time: Kurt Elling

Kurt Elling is almost certainly the elite male jazz vocalist of the new millennium.  He performs at the Gem Theater on Saturday, February 16.  Joe Klopus previewed the weekend's concerts by Elling, Kenny Garrett and Bobby Watson.


Nigel said...

That ladies and Gentlemen is how to hold the audience in the palm of your hand. It was a great clinic in "working the room".
Class, grace, style, polish and COMPETENCE!

Cb said...

I agree with Nigel, if he is referring to the Kurt Elling concert at the Gem on Saturday!

Further, Kurt Elling was very cordial to all AJM staff and the public - genuinely so.

When I escorted him up to the reception room for the Artist Talk with David Basse (who did a great job interviewing KE and then went over to the Kauffman Center to hit with Bobby's band) before the concert, it was like having a conversation with a good friend I had known for years.

This seemingly comes from Mr. Elling's sincere passion for the music and focus on ways to make himself better as an artist. By far the best live concert I have seen since Steve Coleman and Five Elements came to the Blue Room a few years ago.

Kendrick Scott (drums) was beyond "hip" and Laurence Hobgood's (piano) arrangements simply kill ... Of course, just my $0.02! Peace, Cb