Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Plastic Sax is astounded by the contributions printed in the program for last week's Kansas City Jazz Orchestra concerts featuring Steve March Torme. "Gifts... received between October 1, 2007 and September 1, 2008" are listed. Assuming each contribution did not exceed the minimum donation at each sponsorship level, the group received more than $162,000. That's extremely impressive.

*Pete Dulin of Present magazine interviews Jeff Harshbarger.

*Plastic Sax pal Corky Carrel shot Kirk Whalum's recent concert at the Gem for Present.

*A member of the Basie Orchestra shares his candid thoughts on the plight of today's jazz musicians in the comments to the previous post.

*Reading the excellent St. Louis Jazz Notes blog depresses me. The jazz scene across the state seems relatively vibrant. It's not just that artists like Jason Moran, Cedar Walton and Vinnie Golia performed there last week or will be there this week. It's the more modest efforts by St. Louis jazz fans and institutions that make me most jealous. A "jazz CD listening club" was just initiated. What a fun idea!

(Original image taken last week by Plastic Sax. Most readers will be able to identify the musicians, but you'll receive bonus points if you know where they're performing.)


WLIB said...

Well, the lid is a dead giveaway. And judging by the lack of heads in the crowd it must be somewhere in JoCo. ;)

bgo said...

Cartwright and Basse at Soho 119

Happy In Bag said...

My two readers win again!

This is the strangest gig ever.

The cats play in the middle of a clothing boutique. A fine bistro is in the back of the shop.