Monday, November 3, 2008

Jazz Profile of Jay McShann

NPR is offering an excellent fifty-minute audio documentary of Jay McShann as a free podcast. Plastic Sax suggests you grab it before it's pulled down. Few sounds make me happier than hearing McShann's Oklahoma twang. And his music? It just doesn't get any better. Man, I miss him.

(I took this photo at McShann's poorly attended 2006 memorial service at the Gem Theater.)


bgo said...

Many years ago one could renew their MV tags in mid-town on Broadway. The year that I did so I approached the rather long line and found myself directly behind Jay McShann. I don't know if he talked my ear off or vice versa. But I sure didn't mind the wait.

I met Jay on some other occasions and he was always upbeat and gracious. He will love forever in my heart and soul.

When he played the Signboard Lounge in Crown Center he introduced me to Budd Johnson, who was playing with him that night. A few days later Budd suddenly passed away.

Just memories of long ago. Sigh

Anonymous said...

A swingin' cat, for sure. I miss Hootie, and Fiddler, Sonny, Speedy, Milt Abel, Milton Morris, etc.

Anonymous said...

nice! Thanks for the heads up. Good program.

Happy In Bag said...

That's too much, BGO!

Rick, I recall going to the Grand Emporium even when I didn't care about the band. I just wanted to hang out with Speedy Huggins...

Glad to assist, Anon.