Thursday, February 20, 2014

Now's the Time: Bobby Watson's Horizon

What a blast from the past!  Trumpeter Roy Hargrove and pianist Benny Green look like children in the embedded footage from 1988.  They're not in the version of Horizon that's performing Friday, February 21, at the Blue Room.  Bassist Curtis Lundy won't be there either.  Bandleader Bobby Watson and drummer Victor Lewis will be joined by trumpeter Terrell Stafford, pianist Edward Simon and bassist Essiet Essiet in the latest edition of Horizon.  There will be more prominent mainstream jazz talent on the stage of the Blue Room on Friday than in the entire lineups of some festivals.

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Anonymous said...

I'm gigging and can't be there tonight, but the Horizon show (with this exact lineup) at the Blue Room about ten years ago is still one of my favorite performances ever. The place was buzzing before, during and after. -Sam