Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*The paucity of jazz among the headliners of the 2014 Kansas City’s 18th and Vine Jazz and Blues Festival is lambasted by KC Jazz Lark.

*Bobby Watson will deliver a lecture titled "From Zero to Question Mark: Defining Success in the 21st Century" in October.

*Mills Record Company extolls the virtues of the Best Jazz Ensemble nominees for The Pitch's annual music awards.

*Pat Metheny participated in an interview with Crossroads KC in advance of his performance at the outdoor venue.

*The Pitch touts Sunday brunch at Broadway Jazz Club.

*Tweet o' the Week: Todd R. Wilkinson- OK after a recent investigation, I'm calling BS on the oft heard, "But, Boots Randolph could really play jazz."

*Comment o' the Week: Dean Minderman- Hmmmm...with both Brian Culbertson and Gerald Albright, the Gem series seems to be doubling down on the R&B/funk/jazz. Kind of surprised we haven't gotten dates for one or both over here in St. Louis. Also, I wish someone here would book Terry Lyne Carrington's band. I really liked her drumming when she played here with Headhunters 2005; IMO, she was the unsung MVP of that all-star group.

*From Doug Talley: The Doug Talley Quintet will be performing at the Blue Room, 18th and Vine, KCMO, this Saturday, August 2, 8:30pm.  Stop by, enjoy the music, and say goodbye to Wayne Hawkins, our piano player, who is moving to upstate New York in August!!

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)

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Anonymous said...

Life is good in ol' KC! Some great bands in this town!