Sunday, March 27, 2016

Concert Review: Gerald Spaits' Sax & Violins

A solo by Charles Perkins over a bed of strings on Duke Ellington’s “Heaven” at the Westport CoffeeHouse on Thursday was one of the most divine things I’ve heard in recent months. 

The saxophonist's sublime effort was part of the second concert by Gerald Spaits’ Sax & Violins ensemble.  The bassist’s group includes a string quartet, saxophonists Perkins and Rich Wheeler and drummer Brian Steever.

My fear that the arrangements would favor treacly compromises was unwarranted.  Nothing I heard during the 30 minutes I spent among the 40 people who paid a $10 cover charge was overly sentimental.

A swinging solo by violinist Adam Galblum and a robust tandem statement from the saxophonists were among the other highlights.  Sax & Violins has claimed a spot near the top of the list of my favorite bands in Kansas City.

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)


Anonymous said...

I presume the eight musicians split the door to make a whopping fifty bucks each. "Pro Musicians" should stop working for less than $100 per performance. Musicians accepting this INSULT for the last twenty years has lowered the bar for every player to come from now on.

Happy In Bag said...

My reaction is entirely different. Getting forty people to fork over $10 each at a DIY concert with almost no promotion on a night that the Kansas Jayhawks are playing postseason basketball strikes me as a rousing success. Furthermore, if an unproven octet held out for a $1,000 gig they might never perform.