Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*A saxophone once owned by Charlie Parker will be auctioned June 8. The instrument is "expected to sell for $30,000-$35,000."

*Here's a slideshow commemorating the life of the late Bill Caldwell.

*The Topeka Jazz Workshop has unveiled its 2012-13 season. Highlights include Byron Stripling, Marilyn Maye, Harry Allen and Wycliffe Gordon. Chuck Berg reviewed Sunday's performance by the Kenny Barron Trio in Topeka, the final concert of the 2011-12 season.

*Passport, the duo of Beau Bledsoe and Stan Kessler, is releasing an album. Here's the trailer.

*The new release by the Chris Hazelton Trio is reviewed by KCJazzLark.

*Michael Pagan is profiled by Eric Crump of the Marshall News.

*Bobby Watson is among the Kansas City Symphony's guests at Celebration at the Station on May 27.

*A set of videos documents a Brothers Leifer performance at Take Five Coffee. Check 'em out here, here, here and here.

*Here's footage of Diverse performing at the Middle of the Map festival.

*TJ Martley filmed his piano trio from an odd angle.

*Roger Lewis of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band is interviewed by The Pitch in advance of his band's concert Thursday at Crossroads KC.

*Chris Lewis of Killer Strayhorn blogs at his band's site. He recently reviewed the new ECM release by the Marcin Wasilewski Trio.

*Glenn North provides insights on the history of cakewalking.

*I heard a DJ spin vinyl versions of tracks by Duke Ellington and Eric Dolphy at last weekend's Psychfest. The festival, which featured about fifty acts, was precisely the sort of enthusiasm-driven, forward-thinking event I recently proposed for Kansas City's jazz scene.

*Phonologotronic comments on his recent activity.

*The entertainment at the 2012 edition of Jazzoo includes an R&B band, a hip hop act, a Jimmy Buffet tribute band and Ida McBeth.

*Miles Bonny and Brandon Draper discuss Kansas City Academy's Grassroots Concert Series with Sam Wisman. (Via KC Stage Blog.)

*A fan uploaded ten minutes of shaky footage of last weekend's Ramsey Lewis concert at the Gem Theater.

*Tweet o' the Week: EldarMusic- New Yorkers! Come out to Blue Note: MAY 20- ELDAR + guest CHRIS POTTER MAY 22- ELDAR + guest KARRIN ALLYSON MAY 23- ELDAR + guest JOE LOCKE

*Comment o' the Week: Clint Ashlock- There were a bunch of things going on Sunday night, and I think you can look at it in a different perspective - that over half of the crowd were musicians shows how much respect these five guys have. There's another show Thursday night at the Blue Room if you happened to miss the Record Bar hit.

*From Lisa Engelken: Extraordinary singer, songwriter & arranger Lisa Engelken returns to Kansas City to perform at the Blue Room on Friday, June 22, 2012… Lisa is thrilled to Kansas City after last Summer’s sold-out performances, and to be joined once again by the powerhouse combo that includes Kansas City’s own Roger Wilder on piano, Gerald Spaits on bass and trumpeter Stan Kessler. Rounding out the quintet is San Francisco drummer Matthew Swindells. The program includes the premiere new works from Lisa’s upcoming album Anima Explorations and selections from Engelken’s Caravan, named to the “Best of 2010” List by the Jazz Journalists Association. Engelken is a Kansas-born straight-shooter, known for a fearless stage presence that has garnered her comparisons to Evel Kneivel, Janis Joplin and a roaring Harley Davidson.

(Original image of Psychfest by Plastic Sax.)


Anonymous said...

For the TJW, I'm most intrigued by the last one: THE GRAHAM DECHTER QUARTET. Unfortunately the subscription model used by TJW does not work for me, so unless the Blue Room picks this one up... PASS.

Happy In Bag said...

In defense of the Topeka Jazz Workshop, subscribers receive entry to nine concerts for $110. What a bargain! That said, I'm not buying either.

tjjazzpiano said...

You're supposed to watch hanging upside down.

Darren said...

Why won't the TJW book something for us, "The Occupy Wall Street crowd of far left zealots"

Note to self: Maybe if I got a job, saved some money and took some personal responsibility I could finance a concert season of my taste and maybe even network with other people who had jobs, saved some money and took personal responsibility who would get on board and underwrite a portion of the series.

Naaaa, I'll hang out at Harlings and the Record Bar for a couple more decades, that makes a lot more cents!

Anonymous said...

Darren is awesome!

I didn't realize that not going to the TJW makes someone a "far left zealot." Sounds like someone's been listening to too much Darla Jaye or something.