Friday, May 25, 2012

Now's the Time: Deborah Brown

I'm tempted to pay the $25 cover charge Saturday at the Blue Room just so I can verify the existence of Deborah Brown's new album All Too Soon.  A CD copy comes with the price of admission.  The elusive album, apparently recorded in the past year with Dutch bandleader Eric Ineke, has assumed the status of a mythical object in my mind.  It's not mentioned at the sites of Brown or Ineke and it's not listed at Amazon, iTunes or Spotify.  A Dutch jazz blog and Joe Klopus' latest column are two of the few places in the world to acknowledge the project.  The Kansas City-based Brown merits better representation.  As I noted in a review of a 2011 concert at the Gem Theater, she's one of the world's elite jazz vocalists.

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