Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ben Kynard, R.I.P.

Ben Kynard died Thursday. The longtime resident of Kansas City was 92. The Kansas City Star provided an overview of Kynard's life. KSHB also filed a helpful report. Kynard is perhaps best known for writing "Red Top" while he was a member of Lionel Hampton's popular band.  He recalls joining Hampton's orchestra in the embedded video I shot at the American Jazz Museum in 2010.  To my knowledge, Kynard hadn't performed publicly in years. Kynard really tears it up beginning at the 3:18 mark in a 1951 clip located by The Star. (Initial tip from R.H.)


Joe Klopus said...

Despite a previous commenter identifying that tenor soloist as Ben Kynard, and despite a certain media outlet linking to the video, I don't think the soloist is Ben. Ben is playing baritone in the far right of the frame at 1:07 in the video. (Note the two baritone saxes! The six-man reed section is unusual.)

But it's nice to see Benny Bailey on trumpet, and can somebody tell me, is that Jerome Richardson on flute?

Happy In Bag said...

Thanks, Joe.