Friday, July 13, 2012

Now's the Time: Michael Pagán

The embedded video would position Pagarazzi, the duo project of Michael Pagán and Steve Rigazzi, as a strong contender in a "weirdest gig" contest.  But hey- the sound field seems solid and the environment looks pleasant enough. And the music?  Well, it's stellar.  Pagán performs at area venues several nights a week.  Check his calendar for details.


Mike Pagán said...

Suburban Lawn & Garden's "Charity Fridays" occur every spring, with live jazz, free snacks & drinks (even wine). This was one of them. 10% of all retail sales go to a selected charity. I thought it was a little weird too at first, but once you're there, it's a blast. Kudos to SL&G for supporting worthy causes around town and live jazz!

katie said...

way to go, Michael!!
proud of you to stand up and defend ALL of us musicians that play "weird" gigs! hey.... it's JAZZ (and a gig!) and who's to define "weird"?