Sunday, January 7, 2018

Album Review: Danny Embrey- Dues Blues

Bob Bowman’s solo on a ballad on Danny Embrey’s Dues Blues is as life-affirming as a poem by Maya Angelou.  The bassist’s concise statement on “November” is one of many standout moments on the welcome reissue of the guitarist’s 1988 recording with Bowman, keyboardists John Beasley and Dave Loeb and drummer Steve Houghton.

A former member of the bands of Sergio Mendes and Karrin Allyson, Embrey is one of a handful of unassuming veteran Kansas City musicians who nonchalantly improve the quality of a handful gigs every week.

Dues Blues acts as a reminder that Embrey shouldn’t be taken for granted.  Not only does his impeccable playing honor the legacy of guitar masters such as Jim Hall and Kenny Burrell, Embrey flashes strong melodic skills on impressive original compositions like “Caraveles” and “Leonard.”

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)

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