Thursday, January 7, 2010

Danny Embrey on the Mike Douglas Show

I've struck YouTube gold! Guitarist Danny Embrey is a fixture on Kansas City's jazz scene. Until I stumbled across this goofy time machine, however, I didn't realize that the outstanding guitarist was once in Sergio Mendes' band. But the unmistakable evidence in all its Day-Glo glory is at the 2:51 mark of this footage. Everything goes well until Douglas takes over. Embrey performs Friday at the Jazz Winterlude festival at Johnson County Community College.


Xavier Onassis said...

He's so grown up! I remember him when he was Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66!

I'm all verklempt!

Happy In Bag said...

You've disappointed me, XO. I was kind of longing for a sexist comment about the vocalists. Yowza!