Friday, January 15, 2010

Mark Lowrey vs Hip Hop: And the Winner Is...

Other obligations (Allen Toussaint's glorious concert at the Folly Theater) prevented me from attending my dream show. Thankfully, several people filmed much of Friday's showdown at the Czar Bar.

As I suggested last August, the pairing of Mark Lowrey and Sephiroth demanded a sequel. It seems obvious to me that ongoing collaborations between area jazz and hip hop artists can be artistically and commercially fruitful. A friend noted that the "Czar Bar was packed like sardines from 10-12."

Hermon Mehari, the Plastic Sax Person of the Year, was among the jazz musicians contributing to Mark Lowrey's loping grooves. The MCs on stage in this clip include Sephiroth, Swayzorblades, Vertigone and Les Izmore.

The big winner? Why, everyone, of course!

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