Thursday, January 28, 2010

Now's the Time: Randy Weston

Randy Weston performs February 4 at the American Jazz Museum. The recording career of the 83-year-old pianist has covered a lot of ground. It includes Monk-like bop, Afro-centric spirituality and CTI's patented pop-funk.

I'm geeked for his appearance, although the billing- "Jammin' For Wellness: Jazz as an International Catalyst for Medical and Spiritual Healing"- is less than promising. The event's description is similarly baffling:
Mr. Weston will perform and discuss elements of his celebrated Uhuru Africa Suite (now celebrating its 50th anniversary) and its role as a spiritual healer within the context of his work in Central Africa.
Alas, the album in question is out-of-print.

Interested parties are instructed to "RSVP by February 1, 2010 to Glenn North at (816)474-8463 ext. 221 or" I've sent an email and left a voice mail. I have yet to receive any sort of confirmation. I've resorted to the power of positive thinking.


Anonymous said...

Any confirmation from Glenn North yet?

Happy In Bag said...


Anonymous said...

Call Greg Carroll. He would want to know.

Happy In Bag said...

A marketing consultant called me on behalf of the museum yesterday.

She told me that she'd seen my R.S.V.P request. I let her know that I had just learned that I'll be working elsewhere Thursday and wouldn't be able to attend. I asked her to pass that information on to Mr. North.

And for the record, she was reaching out to me about another matter. She was unfamiliar with Plastic Sax.